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An Introduction to MondayDB

guide to mondayDB

What is mondayDB?

MondayDB is the new data infrastructure behind the monday.com Work OS. It’s designed to handle complex work scenarios, allowing you to build and manage workflows at scale without performance constraints.

mondayDB is built from the ground up to support a larger scale of boards and dashboards at speed, extend our public API and data manipulation capabilities, and support countless new use cases and custom workflows.

Released on June 23, 2023, MondayDB aims to revolutionize project management and team collaboration.

Key Features of mondayDB

mondayDB brings an array of powerful features to the table, enabling users to redefine how they work:

Enhanced Performance and Speed

Enjoy improved speed across billions of boards that support your growth with optimized structures. With separate storage and compute layers, each can do what it does best – giving you unparalleled resource flexibility.

Scalability and Elasticity

With a schemaless architecture that can store, retrieve, and query any data type, mondayDB supports your unique needs and adapts to the way you work best as you continue to add users, data tables, and query volume.

Customization and Flexibility

Data from boards is stored in both row and columnar databases. mondayDB can select on which to run queries based on the required manipulation, resulting in a high throughput of queries and low latency on any combination of tables.

Real-Time Updates

Changes made on boards and dashboards are instantly available for queries, enabling real-time automations and integrations.

Multi-Board Dashboards

mondayDB supports the creation of flexible, multi-board dashboards, providing a comprehensive view of data from up to 200 boards. This feature empowers users with deeper insights and clear visualizations.

mondayDB enhanced performance

Who is mondayDB For?

mondayDB is a versatile solution designed to empower a wide range of users and organizations:

  • Small Businesses: mondayDB aids small businesses in streamlining their processes, making data management more efficient and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Enterprises: Larger organizations can leverage mondayDB to handle complex workflows, track extensive data, and manage multiple projects seamlessly.
  • Developers: For developers, mondayDB offers a playground for creativity, enabling the creation of bespoke applications and solutions that align with unique business needs.

Upcoming Releases of mondayDB

The future of mondayDB is promising, with a series of upcoming releases set to elevate its capabilities further:

  • mondayDB 1.0: The foundation of it all, this initial release lays the groundwork for enhanced performance, speed, and data management. Large boards and dashboards load swiftly, offering a glimpse of mondayDB’s potential.
  • mondayDB 1.1: Anticipated improvements include faster loading times for large dashboards, enhancing the user experience.
  • mondayDB 1.2: This release will introduce new API capabilities, including filtering and sorting, enhancing data manipulation options.
  • mondayDB 2.0: Scheduled for 2024, this release aims to accommodate even larger amounts of data per board and dashboard, expanding scalability.


Who Can Access mondayDB?

mondayDB is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, from small businesses to enterprises and developers. Its adaptability and scalability ensure that organizations of varying sizes and industries can harness its capabilities to drive better work processes.

Can mondayDB handle different types of data?

Absolutely. mondayDB’s schemaless nature enables it to handle various data types seamlessly, accommodating your organization’s diverse data needs.

Will my current dashboards work with mondayDB?

Yes, mondayDB seamlessly integrates with your existing dashboards, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced performance and capabilities.

Is there a limit to the number of users supported by mondayDB?

mondayDB is built to accommodate increasing user numbers, allowing your organization to grow without compromising performance.

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guide to mondayDB

An Introduction to MondayDB

What is mondayDB? MondayDB is the new data infrastructure behind the monday.com Work OS. It’s designed to handle complex work scenarios, allowing you to build

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