offers end-to-end solutions for specific business needs.

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Monday Work OS

Simplify project management, enhance team communication, and centralize all work in one place. CRM product

Monday CRM

Offer CRM solutions, including Collaborative, Analytical, and Operational.

Why Choose

With, teams can work together seamlessly, eliminate redundant technologies and costs, and respond to opportunities quickly.

Flexible Building Blocks

Provides flexible building blocks that allow you to customize the way you work.

Customizable Data Visualization

Allows you to visualize your data in the way you want.

Dynamic Forms

With this tool, you can easily collect data through dynamic forms.

Time Saving Automation

Has time-saving automation features that help you streamline your workflows.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with more than 37+ tools that you already use.

Extensive App Connections

With this tool, you have access to more than 100+ app connections.

Collaborative Workdocs

Allows your team to execute ideas and workflows together via collaborative workdocs.

Flexible to Fit Any Use Case

Adapt to your organization's unique needs and workflows, helping you achieve your goals.

Simple Workspace Management

Organize your boards, dashboards, and workdocs by creating workspaces for each department, team, or even project.

FAQ work management is a cloud-based software platform for streamlining work processes, project management, and team collaboration. It offers customizable boards, task tracking, file sharing, communication tools, automation, and integrations. sales CRM is a cloud-based system that streamlines sales processes, providing complete visibility into the sales pipeline. sales CRM offers easy access to sales, customer and company data for efficient management. is a Work OS that empowers teams and organizations to improve collaboration, increase productivity and adapt the platform to their specific needs without the need of development assistance.

Hit the ground running with ready-made templates for Project Management, Marketing, Sales & CRM, HR, Product Management, Manufacturing, Operations, Education, Start up, Construction and many more. 

Besides SAP, DVW Analytics also offers connectors for Alteryx, KNIME, Power BI, Tableau, Dataiku and Snowflake. The Cross-Application Connector for SAP (xCS) works with analytics applications supporting the OData v4 standard.

Yes, supports more than 50 direct integrations with popular apps like Google Calendar, Salesforce, DocuSign, Slack, HubSpot, and Mailchimp, allowing you to have all your team’s work and collaboration on one platform. Discover the efficiency of automating work processes from your different applications whether it is as simple as sending acknowledgements of customer requests, assigning work items to the right personnel based on status changeor automating and scheduling reports to be delivered at regular intervals without manual intervention.

Yes, offers a 14-day free trial for you to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.

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