The all-in-one solution for data visualization, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.

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Qlik Sense is a powerful cloud-based data analytics tool that enables self-service visualization, reporting and more.

Qlik NPrinting is a reporting platform that simplifies report creation and distribution using your QlikView and Qlik Sense data.

Why Choose Qlik

Self-Service Data Visualization

Easily analyze and explore your data with interactive charts, tables, and objects that update in real-time.

Search and Conversational

Interact with data and generate insights using natural language processing, with the ability to ask questions and receive data-driven answers.


Build and share professional-looking reports in popular formats, including PDFs and Microsoft Office.

Custom and Embedded

Fully customize analytics solutions and embed them within existing applications and processes.

Interactive Dashboards

Create and share powerful dashboards that allow executives, business leaders, and other users to easily dive in and explore data in context.

Alerting and Action

React to changes in data with alerting and automation that provide users with timely insights to take action.


Access analytics on any device with a responsive web client and native apps for iOS and Android.

Advanced Analytics

Enables non-data scientists to explore advanced analytics through interactive calculations and real-time integration with machine learning models.

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