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Qlik SAP Connector to Gain More

Organizations spend millions of dollars automating their business processes. But unfortunately, many still lack the ability to fully leverage the wealth of data contained in SAP. This is because SAP's OLAP-based business intelligence (BI) can be complex and predicated on all-AP cube structure.

In contrast, Qlik's associative, in-memory platform with the Qlik SAP Connector for SAP NetWeaver enables SAP users to perform quick, flexible, visual, ad hoc analysis and reporting to enable data discovery from both their SAP system and external sources. Using Qlik, organizations can complement their centralized SAP reporting capabilities with instant, user-driven analysis, allowing decision making at the speed of business.

Why Use Qlik with SAP?

Qlik delivers power and simplicity without the cost or complexity of traditional BI tools. The benefits are as follows:

  • Flexibility to combine data sources.
  • Qlik's associative model easily combines data from SAP ERP, SAP BW, and HANA together with data from non-SAP systems into powerful Qlik applications. Graphical, wizard-based functionality supports multiple data sources and numerous file types.

  • Rapid deployment.
  • Qlik creates more value out of your SAP system within days and weeks - not months or years. Qlik offers out-of-the-box templates so users can gain instant insight from day one.

  • Increasing the value of SAP.
  • With quick, flexible, ad hoc analysis, Qlik enables SAP customers to access all of the data within multiple SAP systems. It is easy for business people to use and manage. In fact, most users become productive after one hour of training.

  • Confidence of using a certified interface.
  • The Qlik Connector for SAP NetWeaver gives customers added assurance of SAP certification when using Qlik to visually analyze critical information from their SAP system.

  • Improved productivity by reusing SAP components
  • Qlik's package of multiple SAP connectors enables organizations to reuse business logic and leverage investments they have already made in SAP components such as BEx queries, DSO / ODS objects, ABAP reports, SAP queries, and SAP extractors.

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