Self Service Data Analytics

Self Service Data Analytics

Transform decision-making in financial services to drive profitable outcomes

Self Service Data Analytics, is our next generation data analytics application that allow people of any skill levels to do more with data. Rapidly combine any number of data sources, no matter how large. Freely explore in any direction using interactive selections and global search. Interact with a powerful array of smart visualizations. You’re no longer limited by linear exploration within partial views of data or slowed down by cumbersome data preparation.

With the Associative engine at its core, Qlik Sense lets you discover insights that query-based BI tools simply miss. Freely search and explore across all your data, instantly pivoting your analysis when new ideas surface. You're not restricted to linear exploration within partial views of data. And you get total flexibility with a cloud-ready data analytics platform that supports the full spectrum of BI use cases ― ideal for any analyst, team or global enterprise. Qlik turn your boring daily analysis into Self Service Data Analytics.

Do the unimaginable with your data

Qlik Sense Enterprise offers a highly flexible and scalable analytics platform for any BI use case, whether on-premise or in the cloud, delivered in a secure and governed framework everyone can trust.

Qlik Sense gives you data superpowers. Easily combine all your data sources, no matter how large, into a single view. Qlik’s Associative engine indexes every possible relationship in your data so you can gain immediate insights and explore in any direction your intuition takes you. Unlike query-based tools, there’s no pre-aggregated data and predefined queries to hold you back. That means you can ask new questions and create analytics without having to build new queries or wait for the experts. Total Self Service Data Analytics.

Do the Unimaginable with Self Service Data Analytics

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