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Post Go Live Application Maintenance and Support services

Application Scope: SAP ECC/ SAP S/4HANA/ SAP BPC

Services in Scope: SAP ECC

  1. Financials module (GL, AR, AP, FA, CM)
  2. Controlling module (Cost Center/ Profit Center Accounting, Product Costing, Profitability Analysis, Internal Order)
  3. Project Systems (Work Breakdown Structures)
  4. Materials Management (Procurement, Inventory Management)
  5. Sales and Distribution (Order and Invoicing)
  6. Production Planning (Order to Backflush)
  7. ABAP development for Forms, Reports, Interface, Conversions and Enhancements
  8. SAP Security Profiles maintenance and audit
  9. SAP Fiori
  10. SAP Integration to external Data Warehouse/ BI systems via 3rd Party Connectors
  11. Extraction of data via Automated Workflows via 3rd Party Applications
  12. Maintenance of Reporting/ Analytical Dashboards

Mode of Support

  1. User will log a Support ticket into our Application Support system (currently Atlassian Jira Support ticketing system).
  2. Based on the priority level indicated in the ticket, equalOne will acknowledge within the agreed Service Level Agreement which is usually within 24 hours.
  3. If required, more information may be requested from the originator of the requirement or the intended design. When all information is available the ticket will be assigned to the relevant support personnel and issue resolution will commence.
  4. The support personnel evaluate the Support Ticket and inform the originator of:
    1. the anticipated nature of the problem,
    2. the likely actions required to solve the Support Ticket, and
    3. an initial estimate of how long it will take to complete the resolution
  5. Support personnel will simulate the same scenario in the Development environment. He/ She will implement and test the resolution in the Development environment. After testing that it is working as expecting, a transport request will be sent to transport the change to the Quality Assurance environment.
  6. The originator will then test in the QA environment and either approves or declines the implemented changes.
  7. If the changes are declined, then more information is sought from the Originator and Support Personnel will revert to Step #4.
  8. If changes are approved, then a transport request is sent to the Production environment. Ticket is closed once the changes are transported to the Production environment.

Service Level Agreement on Response Times

Priority Level


1- High

Issues which affect the users from logging in to SAP and/ or critical functions in SAP cannot be executed; eg. unable to run Fixed Assets Depreciation month end run

2- Medium

Issues which affect key functions that delays the processing of a certain function in SAP; eg. running the month end Cost Allocation or Distribution process.

3- Low

Issues which affects only reporting or query functions and does not hinder normal operations; e.g. users unable to get the correct values from a report or error in posting.

Service Level Response Times

Priority Level

Response times

Estimated initial Resolution times

1- High

1 hours

Within the next working day

2- Medium

2 hours

Within the next 2 working days

3- Low

4 hours

Within the next 4 working days unless otherwise notified

Service Level Agreement

equalOne will endeavour to achieve a target of 90% of service requests within the resolution times as stated above for High & Medium priority level items. Resolution times do not include the time required to UAT or retest by the users.

Service Level Assumptions

  1. Availability of a VPN or SAP router to access to the client’s SAP system from a remote location.
  2. equalOne personnel shall not be responsible for software bugs. As part of our responsibility, we shall escalate software bug issues to the Software Vendor for resolution and shall work with the Software Vendor to apply the necessary patches or provide workarounds to enable client’s use of the affected system by the software bug where a resolution cannot be provided by the software vendor.
  3. Client shall provide 2 nominated support team members who will perform the 1st level of analysis and with the ability to log appropriate description of the issue on the Support Ticket.
  4. For the above SLA, the Support contract will be on a Retainer basis and un-utilised man-days cannot be carried forward to the next month or period.
  5. The Client shall nominated a Client Program manager for resources and test coordination within the Client’s organization.
  6. All 3 SAP environments shall be accessible by the equalOne with authority to change configuration in the Development client, perform transactions in the Unit Test/ QA client and view in the Production client,
  7. It is critical that all 3 SAP environments (Dev/ QA and Prod) are on the same service level patches and configuration is the same in all the 3 clients with configuration transport management system (STMS) process in place.
  8. equalOne will provide warranty for Changes performed by equalOne for a period of 3 months from the date of the acceptance and transport to the Production environment.


The above is an illustration of a typical AMS contract from equalOne and should be taken as a guide only. All scope and service level agreements are subject to terms and conditions of a final AMS contract between equalOne and the prospective clients.

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